A C T I O N  P L A N

Physical-psycho-spiritual well-being

Earth, plants and animal health

Everything is possible (beyond-limits research)

Home as a safe, healthy and harmonic living space

Love, Peace and Joy expansion through Art and Entertainment

H o w

Various themes aligned with the Project and its Ethics.

Workshops and Courses
Theta Healing®, AbbraccioDiLuce Experience®, Dance, Yoga, Singing, Music, etc.

Dance, Yoga, Singing, Music, etc.

Energetics Therapies
Theta Healing®, AbbraccioDiLuce Experience®, Crystal Therapy, Harmonic Sound Bath, etc.

Arts and Entertainment
Live shows and video productions to express and expand emotions, energy, beauty and good vibes.

Useful and beautiful objects (or just beautiful) made with Love and fulfilled with Love, to spread beauty and Love.

Ideas and solutions development
"Totally safe home" research
Beneficial and “magic” decors furnishings and atmosphere studies
"Forever young" plan
Others incoming…

C o m m o n  s p a c e

Web site, Facebook and Twitter page, Blog, You Tube channel
All about the Project, “Focus on the good” meditations and spaces where Cooperators and Partners activities are shared and promoted.

There will be events where different themes, the cooperators and the invited people will meet, to share knowledges, joy and Love and “producing” good vibes.

Paradise Lab
Meditations to heal the World, working on the collective field and on specific situations.
Everyone can join, no matter the time and the distance, tuning focus and deep feelings on the “Paradise possibility”.