It’s a good thing that, regardless of what’s around us, more and more people have the desire to change the World to the better and are committed to this, but it‘s extremely important to do it in the right way, to actually produce positive results.
Especially in Social media, that is the main communication channel by now.
It's been decades that we hear and read about the importance of “positivity”, but we are still surrounded by: "let's fight against war, violence, racism, needs, cancer, etc." or by motivational phrases like: "never give up", "don't be sad", "don’t be afraid”, “you are not alone", “we’ll never surrender” and so on.
Not to mention those who show terror and suffering scenes causing fears, anger and guilt feelings, thinking that this could incite people to react and change things…

A.C.M.E.PARADISE's basic principle is to FOCUS ONLY ON THE GOOD, avoiding to put attention on problems and fears (which give them more energy) and to concentrate only on the positive outcome, that is the best and only way to have a positive outcome!

How can we do this, in this still ..."perfectible" World? With the awareness that the Loving Energy to which we belong, supports us and wants us to live in wellness and happiness. That wellness and happiness aren’t things to conquer fighting, that maybe we don’t deserve, but they are the natural condition in which we can live if we let this Energy flow in our life with faith. Here and now... And being grateful for it.