A.C.M.E. PARADISE is a Great Project based on the intention to heal, improve and harmonize every aspect of ourselves and of our life on Earth, to create (or re-create…) here, the condition of "Paradise", that should be our natural state.

The “Mission” is producing and spreading good vibes at all levels.
The fact that the quality of vibes that we radiate with our feelings, thoughts and actions gives shape to the reality, that is made of pure energy, is not a New Age dreamy ideal anymore, but is proved and supported even by Modern Science.
Now we know that everything is possible, because everything already exist in the infinite potential energy and can be transformed into reality, just focusing our attention on it.
This is the ancient: “Everything is possible for one who believes” and also: “According to your faith be it unto you”.

So we have our life in our hands, but we are influenced by the World collective field of energy, that also causes global events. It is full of our fears and bad memories, accumulated in ages and it absolutely needs to be healed.
Every little good vibe created by each one of us is precious for the wellness of everybody!

The Project develops its action in all areas of life, with the cooperation of selected people and Companies that already work, with their own different activities, to create and expand well-being, with integrity and dedication to the common good.

The Idea is inspired by the certainty that joining forces, working together with clear intentions and common projects, supporting and promoting each other, is the most successful and enjoyable way to achieve the better World that we desire.