B E I N G  A  C O O P E R A T O R

A.C.M.E. Paradise is a community that works as an entrepreneurial network, where each company, person, artist, while continuing his own activity independently and keeping his own individuality, is also part of a common project.
Each one can share and exchange services and skills within the network, so as to promote also the development and expansion of each member of the network.

For now, Cooperator's interactions are based on friendly and trusted collaborations and the community is unified simply by a "moral" intent, that is the feeling to belong to a group that operates for the Comon Good.
As the Project A.C.M.E. Paradise expands and develops itself, there will be more and more opportunities to realize objectives, included creating big Events, in which it will be a confluence of arts, spirituality, health, science, seminars, books and products presentations, etc.

So, how does it work and what does it mean exactly to become an A.C.M.E. Paradise Cooperator?

The A.C.M.E. Paradise Founder will be very happy to share and promote the single Cooperators activities in every Social Media, since they've been selected for their special professional and human qualities and because they align with the Project's Ethics.
In their turn, the Cooperators, if they want, can help to promote A.C.M.E. Paradise (that promotes the same Cooperators...), to make the Project expand more and more, for the benefit of all and they can share the posts on the importance of "Focusing on the Good to produce the Good", contributing to spread this important message.

For further informations and questions, you can send an email to 8acmeparadise8@gmail.com .