Since my early childhood, I’ve always been interested in music, dance, art and also in science and in what goes beyond the visible reality…

At five years old, I began to study Pianoforte, with May Lawson and at six I started my Dance path, with Princesse Nathalie Poutiatine, at the Russian Academy of Dancing in Malta.

At eight, I passed the Primary grade Pianoforte examination at The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (with top marks) and I had my first little exhibition at the Manoel Theatre of Malta.

Back to Italy, in Rome, I continued to learn and practice Pianoforte (initially with a teacher, then by myself) and dance, at the Tersicore Dance School (by Gabriella Lodi ), studying with Gabriella Lodi, Valeria Morselli, Laura Salvi and Anna Gazdova.

After the Lower Secondary School, I passed the entrance examination at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza, where I achieved the High School Diploma in Classical Studies with Artistic and Choreographic path (with top marks) and the Academic Degree in Ballet, Modern Dance and High Artistical, Musical and Choreographic Formation.

During the study period at the Accademia, I was selected to perform in “The Nutcracker”, with Elisabetta Terabust and Andria Hall (choreography by Zarko Prebil ), at the Auditorium di Cagliari and at the Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona, with the Gruppo Stabile dell’Accademia Nazionale di Danza.

During and after the years in Accademia, I attended Ballet, Character, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Funky, Afro and Breakdance classes, with various teachers, such as Victor Livtinov, Ricardo Nunez, Margarita Trayanova, Rita Poelvoorde, Mikhail Berkut, André Lucas, Lidia Turchi, Roberto Salaorni, Mauro Mosconi, Moreata Motlow and Bob Curtis.

Starting from the High School years, I began to practice also Singing, as an autodidact, studying on songs (especially in English) and on Musicals.
After the High School, with my first electronic keyboard, my first computer and the multitrack recorder, that finally gave me the technical means to express and realize my innate passion about polyphonic compositions, orchestrations, sound and vocal researches, it began for me a long learning, experimental and experience phase.

My first job was the opening sequence of the TV Show “Premiatissima 1986” (Canale 5 - choreography by Enzo Paolo Turchi ), as a dancer.
In 1986 I passed the Classical and Modern Dance Selection to qualify to work as a Dancer at National Italian Television R.A.I. Radiotelevisione Italiana.

From 1987 to 1991, I worked on the TV Show “Domenica in...” (Rai 1 - directed by Gianni Boncompagni ), as a special character (the requirement was the ability to sing, dance and act).
In the ’88-’89 edition, through an internal audition, I was selected by Gianni Boncompagnito do a solo performance (in which I sang and danced on a musical base realized by me), that was aired live in the TV Show.

In 1993 I worked in the TV Show “Acqua calda” (Rai 2 – directed by Gino Landi ), as a chorister in Claudio Mattone’s band, conducted by Stefano Palatresi.

In those years I also worked as an extra, appearing in various movies, such as “Rossini! Rossini!”, directed by Mario Monicelli , "Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez", directed by Castellano e Pipolo and in some commercial spots.

At the same time, since 1988, I stepped on Theatres, Plazas, Discos and Clubs stages as a Dancer, Dancer and Chorister, Singer and Dancer, Singer and keyboard Player, as a solo artist, in couple or in different groups (often involved also in Choreography, Scenes Costumes, mMsic arrangements and Soundtrack realizations). I also had experiences as Sound Engineer and Lighting Designer Assistant.

From 1991, as a Musician, Arranger and Music Programmer, I collaborated with some music recording Studios, such as “Gimmick Studio” (by Paolo and Pietro Micioni ) and “FDS Recording Studio” (by Fabio Torregrossa ) and I contributed to some record productions (in one of which I played the accordion).

In 1992 I passed the Composer–transcriber qualification for the S.I.A.E. registration.

In 1995 and 1996, I made 140 song midifiles, for the magazines “Professional midi collection” and “Super karaoke” (Ed. Universo), also singing in the Karaoke’s demo vocal tracks.

In 1996 I worked with Franco Califano as a keyboard player in his italian Tours, creating also the music arrangements for the live concerts and for the musical comedy “Voglia matta di Roma”, staged by Teatro Vittoria’s Company in the Summer of 1996.

With my pop-rock-rhythm’n blues band “Alex show”, I performed from 1995 to 1999 in the most famous Clubs and Live pubs in Rome and Province (and also in many private parties, weddings and events).

From 1997 I began to work also on Graphic and Photo Processing, Audio and Video Editing, Multimedia Creations and Websites.

In 1998 I made some commercial multimedia Cds for various Companies, such as “Eurotelemarketing”, “Airborne Express” and “Sistema Sas”.

In 1999, after a break of some years, I returned to dance practice, focusing on Hip-hop (with Alex Fabbri, Fabrizio Della Nave and others) and achieving the Federal Hip-hop and Funk Instructor Diploma at N.A.C.

In the Summer of 2000 I went to Los Angeles for the first time, taking dance classes with various teachers, such as Madonna Grimes, Marvin Thornton and Tony Stone.

In 2000 and 2001 I worked for “Publirecords”, realizing commercial spots and producing two editions of Cds for Fitness Classes, with covers all re-arranged, sung, edited and mixed by me.

In 2002 I achieved the HTML for Web - Technic designer Certificate and I worked for “Eneus”, making Websites for Companies and Organizations.

In 2003 I made around 400 polyphonic mobile ringtones for the “Wireless” Company (”Tre” service provider).

From 2000 to 2006 I worked with N.A.C. and Hip-hop International, making and updating the official websites and managing the score calculation in the computer during the competitions.

Since 2004 I’m collaborating with Dr. Pier Luigi Lando, working especially on reviewing articles and publications about Psyco-Social Ecology.

In the same period and in the following years I improved and expanded my “digital” activity, making many graphic and photographic works, websites, music elaborations for competitions, exhibitions and shows, video editing, showreels and short films.

From 2008 to 2017 I collaborated with the Madrid Entertainment Agency “Accion iMAM”, (founded by Antonio Pérez Hernandez and Miguel Ángel Muñoz ), making the website and taking care of it.

In 2008 I appeared as an extra in the Spanish TV serie “El síndrome de Ulises” (Antena3 - with Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Olivia Molina ).

In the meanwhile I continued to specialize in Hip-hop, also performing in Competitions, Exhibitions and Theatre Shows.

Since 2010, after many years, I returned to study Contemporary and Modern Jazz Dance (with various teachers, such as Gianluca Petruzzelli, Francesca Politi, Claudia Bosco, Monica Pelosi, Simona Zampina, Gisella Biondo, Steve La Chance, Michele Oliva, Franco Favaro, Silvio Oddi ).

In the same time I also gave occasionally Dance classes (Ballet, Modern jazz, Contemporary and Hip hop).

Starting from 2013 I began to go to Los Angeles  yearly, to improve my dance and expand my horizons, attending especially Kennis Marquis, Anthony Thomas, Eric Sanchez, Jayson Wright, Fresh Redding, Cristina Benedetti, Ray Basa, Delandis, Lorena Valenzuela, Kaity Martinez, Jan Pierre, Bradley Reaper, Tevyn Cole classes, at the Debbie Reynolds Professional Dance Studio.

Since 2015 I began to study Waacking and Voguing in a serious way, with two of the best teachers in these dance styles, in Italy: Giorgia Ianniccheri and Annalisa Marcelli and with the family's brilliant teachers of House of Munera.

Passionate and eager to learn and to catch up, I also partecipated to the workshops that they often organize and till now I had the opportunity to study also with Danielle Polanco, Yanou Ninja, Nagato Ninja, Kevin Awanawaack Ninja Munera, Valerio Munera, Ken Jii Mizrahi, Miss Mini Awanawaack, La Cama Amazon, Marina Ultraomni, Aviance Yamamoto, Veronica Ninja, Alan Ultraomni, Dolores Ninja.

In 2016 I begun to partecipate to Vogue Balls (Old Way category) and I won some Prizes...

Currently I’m focusing on realizing Films, which is now for me the most exciting way to eXpress my creativity, to communicate and to bring life to my peculiar ideas and stories, merging all the things that I can do and that I love to do.

In 2016 I realized a Music Video: "X-Waltz", that I decided to submit to a Film Festival, choosen casually, because it was in Las Vegas, a City that I love: The Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival.
The Video has been selected by the Festival, it was screened, it had two Nominations and won the "Best Music Video" Award!
Since then, it has been collecting many Selections, Nominations and Wins by many International Festivals!

In 2017 I made a thriller-comedy Short Film: "Back Home Late", filmed in Los Angeles.
It's receiving many recognitions too!

In 2018 I realized another Music Video, a very intense project I'm very proud of: "TangoX".
In its path it's receiving many gratifications, through a lot of International Selections, Nominations and Awards!

In 2018 I made a new Short Film: "Alex and the Ghost", my first professional cooperation, with the brilliant and cool Brian Gerson and Joseph R. Davis and the excellent Actor Noel Jason Scott.

In 2019 I was part of the Short Film "Idea & Thought" a challenging but beautiful cooperation, with Writer, Director and Martial Artist and Actor Jan Kubenka.

In 2019 I made a new surreal-comedy Short Film: "That Cake".
It will be part of my new Project "X World The Series"...

In 2019 I realized the "Prequel" of "X World The Series": "The Beginning".
"X World The Series" is for those who consider the normality of the World a crazy and absurd thing, and what the World considers crazy and absurd things, their normality...
Those who feel somewhat awkward in this Planet could find a familiar place in the stories and situations of "X World The Series"!

In 2019 the "MegaFest" Directors, Del and Theresa Weston, proposed me to run an Italian Film Festival in Las Vegas.
I then cooperated with another Director. The Festival was succesful, the cooperation not very much...

Having experienced a cooperation not very pleasant, I decided to create my own Festival: "X World Short Film Festival".
“X World” is especially focused on fascinating stories, inspiring messages, fun intrigues, new themes, unusual points of view, mysteries! As long as in tune with good vibes…
The Live Event took place in Rome at Teatro Degli Eroi, many Filmmakers from all around the World attended and it was beautiful!

In 2020 I realized "Sprouting Paradise", a documentary about MoNA (Ministry of Natural Alignment), that I filmed in a Natural Farm in Las Vegas in 2019.
The Founder Troy Silva talks about his inspiring Project. "MoNA is a collective of nature lovers creating a series of Nature Farms in diverse environments all over the world."

In 2020 "X World Short Film Festival" joined the "MegaFest" family for the Summer Edition!

At various times, I helped my mother in her goldsmith artisanal activity (since I was a little child, when I spent much time in her workshop).
Recently I rediscovered my manual creative side and I’m also working on artisanal creations: A Creations.

Always interested in what goes beyond and in spiritual researches and answers, I explored many themes, achieving also the Body Talk Access® Operator Certificate and the Chrystaltherapy II level Operator Certificate.

After knowing the Theta Healing® in 2008 as a “patient” and having experienced the positive results, I decided to study it and to use it as a tool to improve my life and be able to help others.
So I attended the needed courses to achieve the skills and the license to exercise the Theta Healing® Advanced Practictioner activity (certified at THInK ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge) and I’m keeping on deepening knowledge and practice with periodic completion courses and new modules.

For some years, I'm cooperating with “AbbracciodiLuce®”, that teaches Theta Healing® in Italy and is developing an energy healing technique very evolved and powerful, the result of years of studies, researches, intuitions and verifications: AbbracciodiLuceExperience®.
Since 2015 I’m studying, deepening and using also this technique and I achieved the AbbracciodiLuceExperience® Advanced Practictioner Certificate .

In 20015 I had the inspiration to start a Big Project: "A.C.M.E. Paradise", based on the intention to create and expand well-being in all areas of life, through the coordinated action of people, Organizations and Companies that stand up for their integrity and dedication to the common good. It's not easy to put together different people and 'til now I have run the Progect mostly alone... Maybe the right time is now!/p>