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I wanted to make a short video with a music, a Valzer, that I composed when I was 17.
I wanted to dance with the vaporous dress that I designed for that Valzer, when I was 17 (that still fits me).
I wanted to honour our old detuned family piano, that was bought (used) around 1890 and has been touched by generations of hands.
But from that old piano came out an hidden story, that developed by itself while I was filming and even while I was editing the video.
I don't know yet if it was an ancient memory, a dream, a dream into a dream, desires... ghosts...

Music: X-Waltz (Alessandra Guarino)

With Alessandra Guarino and Gianluca Petruzzelli
Written, produced, directed and edited by: Alessandra Guarino
Dance, hair and makeup consultant: Gianluca Petruzzelli

Special thanks: Anna De Gregorio and Efisio Melis

MAY 2017

I'm honored, grateful, proud and excited to announce that "X-Waltz" has been selected for screening at The Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Awards 2017 in Las Vegas (August 17-26).

AUG 2017

"X-Waltz" had two Nominations: "Best Soundtrack-Feature or short" and "Best Music Video" and won the BEST MUSIC VIDEO AWARD !

NOV 2017

"X-Waltz" has been selected as a semi-finalist by Macoproject Online Film Festival!

NOV 2017

"X-Waltz" has been selected by Roma Cinema DOC!

DEC 2017

"X-Waltz" has been selected by Direct Monthly Online Film Festival!

DEC 2017

"X-Waltz" has been selected by Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival!

DEC 2017

"X-Waltz" has been selected by The $2 Film Festival!

JAN 2018

"X-Waltz" is the 1st PLACE WINNER as "Best Music Video" for January 2018 in the West Wing Film Competition!


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Family photo - 1915

At 5

The music

At 17