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"I only wanted to make a short video with a Valzer, that I composed when I was 17.
I only wanted to dance again with the vaporous dress that I designed for that Valzer, when I was 17 (that still fits me).
I only wanted to honour our ancient detuned family piano, touched by generations of hands.
But from that old piano came out an hidden story, that developed by itself while I was filming and even while I was editing the video.
I don't know if it was an ancient memory, a dream, a dream into a dream, desires... ghosts..."

Written, produced, directed and edited by: Alessandra Guarino
Music: X-Waltz (Alessandra Guarino)
With Alessandra Guarino and Gianluca Petruzzelli
Dance, hair and makeup consultant: Gianluca Petruzzelli
Special thanks: Anna De Gregorio and Efisio Melis



"X-Waltz" won TWO AWARDS at Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival International Film Awards: "BEST MUSIC VIDEO CONCEPT" and "BEST MUSIC TRACK"!


"X-Waltz" was the 1st PLACE WINNER as "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" for January 2018 in the West Wing Film Competition!


"X-Waltz" was selected by The $2 Film Festival!

"X-Waltz" was selected by Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival!

"X-Waltz" was selected by Direct Monthly Online Film Festival!


"X-Waltz" was a Semi-Finalist by Macoproject Online Film Festival!

"X-Waltz" was selected by Roma Cinema DOC!


"X-Waltz" had two Nominations at The Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Awards 2017: "Best Soundtrack-Feature or Short" and "Best Music Video" and won the "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" AWARD!

MAY 2017

"X-Waltz" was selected for screening at The Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Awards 2017 in Las Vegas (August 17-26).


Family photo - 1915

At 5

The music

At 17