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Ingredients: an old accordion, a musician, a dancer, a wardrobe with mirrors, rays of sun...
A musician is getting ready to play a Tango.
A dancer is getting ready to dance a Tango.
A Tango is such a serious thing.
A Tango is such a powerful thing.
So much that something could happen if you don't close the wardrobe doors carefully...

Music: TangoX (Alessandra Guarino)

With Alessandra Guarino and Alessandra Guarino
Written, produced, directed and edited by: Alessandra Guarino

Special thanks: Quagliardi, Anna De Gregorio, Alex Fabbri and Efisio Melis

JUN 2018

I'm honored, grateful, proud and excited to announce that "TangoX" has been selected for screening at The Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Awards 2018 in Las Vegas (August 17-26).

AUG 2018

"TangoX" had a Nomination: "Best Experimental" and it was RUNNER UP WINNER !

OCT 2018

"TangoX" has been selected by Roma Cinema Doc!

DEC 2018

"TangoX" won an AWARD as "BEST DANCE FILM (short category)" at Alternative Film Festival!

JAN 2019

"TangoX" had a Nomination as "Best Music Video" at Golden Earth Film Award!

"TangoX" has been selected by Direct Short & Documentary Film Festival!

"TangoX" had a Nomination as "Best Short film less than $5000" at MP Film Award!

"TangoX" has been selected by Women's International Film Festival!

FEB 2019

"TangoX" has been selected by Direct Monthly Online Film Festival!


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