Alessandra (AleX) Guarino is an Independent Multi Award-Winner Filmmaker (Writer, Director, Actress, Camerawoman, Audio and Video Editor), Musician, Music Composer, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Webmaster and, last but not least, certified ThetaHealer® Pratictioner and Holistic Healer.

Always passionate about all kinds of art (but also about science, technology) and fascinated with what goes beyond the visible reality, she dedicated her life to dance (many styles), music (playing, composing and singing), and other artistic and creative eXpressive means.
She worked in famous Tv Shows and Theatres as a Dancer, Singer and Music Performer and in Musical Recording Studios as Composer and Arranger. And more…
After many years of experiences and different jobs, often trying to do many things at the same time (and also after many disillusions and scams), she finally found her own way in Independent Filmmaking!
Realizing movies has become for her the most exciting and complete way to eXpress her creativity, to communicate messages and emotions and to bring life to her unique ideas and visions, merging all the things that she’s able to do and that she always loved to do.

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My interview on MEGAFest Magazine (April 2020)


"X World - The Series" is for those who consider the normality of the World a crazy and absurd thing, and what the World considers crazy and absurd things, their normality... A familiar place for those who feel somewhat awkward in this Planet...

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X World Short Film Festival is an IMDb-qualifying Festival for Independent Filmmakers from all over the World, that dare to eXpress their fantasy, creativity and peculiar ideas through Short Films, Scripts, Music and Dance.

X World is about fascinating stories, inspiring messages, fun intrigues, new themes, unusual points of view, mysteries! As long as in tune with “good vibes” frequencies…

Our purpose is to find, showcase, promote, honor and recognize such kind of interesting works, made with Love and passion for the art of eXpression, no matter the budget or technical resources.

The New Edition's Live Screening Event and Awards Celebration will be in June 2024, in Rome.

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I am pleased to announce the beginning of a collaboration with Safe Creative Italia, which I have been using since 2018.
Safe Creative is a company that for 14 years has been offering technological, innovative, efficient and advanced systems for the generation and management of evidence of paternity and related rights. The project, which has the support of hundreds of thousands of creators, companies and institutions around the world, has become a regular interlocutor and a point of reference in relation to policies and other aspects related to intellectual property.
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JULY 2023

Submissions are open for "X World Short Film Festival" 2024 Edition!
Check the updates on the Website and on FilmFreeway!

MAY 2022

"Alex and the Ghost" was screened and won an HONORABLE MENTION at Le Cascine di Milano Film Festival!

"Sprouting Paradise" won an AWARD as "BEST INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY" at Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival!

APRIL 2022

"TangoX (with a Sequel)" won an AWARD as "BEST WOMEN'S FILM" at Virgin Spring Cinefest!

MARCH 2022

"TangoX (with a Sequel)" won an AWARD as "BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT" at Gold Star Movie Awards!

"TangoX (with a Sequel)" won an AWARD as "BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM" at Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival!

"TangoX" was selected and Alessandra Guarino won an AWARD as "BEST ACTRESS" at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival!

"TangoX (with a Sequel)" won an AWARD as "BEST WOMAN FILMMAKER" at Cineplay International Film Festival!


"TangoX (with a Sequel)" won an AWARD as "BEST ORIGINAL SCORE" at Cinemagia Movie Awards!

JULY 2021

"Through Rebirth" won an AWARD as BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT at The Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival and Writers Awards 2021 in Las Vegas!

"TangoX (with a Sequel)" won an AWARD as "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" at Miracle Makers International Film Festival!

JUNE 2021

"TangoX (with a Sequel)" won an OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE AWARD at WRPN Short Tight & Loose Film Competition!

"That Cake" won an AWARD as BEST SMARTPHONE FILM at Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival International Film Awards!