Alessandra (AleX) Guarino is an Independent Filmmaker (Writer, Director, Actress, Camerawoman, Audio and Video Editor), Musician, Music Composer, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Webmaster and, last but not least, certified ThetaHealer® Pratictioner.

Always passionate about all kinds of art (but also about science, technology and what goes beyond the visible reality), she dedicated her life to dance (many styles), music (playing, composing and singing), and other artistic and creative eXpressive means.
After many years of experiences, jumping from one of the above-mentioned fields to another, or trying to do many things at the same time, she finally found her own way in Filmmaking!
Realizing movies has become for her the most exciting and complete way to eXpress her creativity, to communicate messages and emotions and to bring life to her peculiar ideas, merging all the things that she’s able to do and that she always loved to do.

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Video and Music Productions

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"X World - The Series" is for those who consider the normality of the World a crazy and absurd thing, and what the World considers crazy and absurd things, their normality... A familiar place for those who feel somewhat awkward in this Planet...

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X World Short Film Festival is an IMDb-qualifying Festival for Independent Filmmakers from all over the World, that dare to eXpress their fantasy, creativity and peculiar ideas through Short Films and Scripts.
X World is about fascinating stories, inspiring messages, fun intrigues, new themes, unusual points of view, mysteries! As long as in tune with “good vibes” frequencies…

The Festival, in its third year, is part of the beautiful MegaFest Festivals Family.
MegaFest is a 17 years historical point of reference for Directors, Actors, Producers, Distributors. A big Event that includes multiple Festivals, with multi-Theatres screenings in a beautiful place, inspiring Seminars, exciting Parties, Dinners, Award Shows and interesting opportunities to start new cooperations and friendships.

The 2020 and the 2021 Editions Live Event and Celebrations, will take place from July 26 to August 1, 2021 at the Galaxy Theatres Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)

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"Sprouting Paradise" is a Finalist at Anabelle Munro's Most Important Films!

"TangoX" Trailer won the "BEST TRAILER" AWARD at Agropoli International Film Festival!


"TangoX" won two Awards at The Global Independent Film Awards: "INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARD" and "ORIGINAL SCORE AWARD"!


"Sprouting Paradise" was selected by The NewsFest, was Nominee and received two recognitions: RUNNER UP for "BEST DOCUMENTARY 25 TO 30 MINUTES" and the "SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKER AWARD ITALY"!


"X-Waltz" was selected and won two Awards at Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival International Film Awards: "BEST MUSIC VIDEO CONCEPT" and "BEST MUSIC TRACK"!

"Back Home Late" was selected by Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival and won an Award as "BEST LOW BUDGET FILM"!

Submissions are open for the 2021 Edition at MEGAFEST!
Check the updates and new categories available on the website and on FilmFreeway!

APRIL 2020

So honored and grateful to be in the MEGAFest Magazine, with my life adventures...